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L Photographie


You know how some people you meet and just instantly click with? Like you can see yourself hanging out with them at a backyard BBQ having a beer? That’s these two! Their dog Gus even got me my very own locket. Wasn’t that thoughtful of him?! Meredith and I had a great time with Talisha […]

Talisha + Lee wedding {by liz & mer}


Now we are working our way back in time!  All the way back to just over a year ago actually.  There was snow on the ground then too!  MUCH more of it.  I love snow.  And it was the cherry on the sundae to this perfect winter wonderland wedding from beginning to end.  And to […]

Our work in print…day three! {by liz}


Emily and Jon got married at the lovely Hyatt at the Arch in downtown St. Louis.  First of all, let me say that Emily is gorgeous… she has nearly jet black hair and crazy blue eyes… so I can see why Jon is smitten…but I must apologize to Jon in advance for showing photos of […]

Emily + Jon {by kate}


I am having a tough time cutting down my blog photos lately! And also feeling like making more individual commentary per photo rather than a big long rambling intro. I think I’m just giddy that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I get to eat and drink to my heart’s desire…guilt free. That guilt free part is […]

Maura + Travis {by liz and kate}