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L Photographie


I am going to start this off by saying that Courtney and David are nice. They are the kind of nice that makes you want to be nicer too, and frankly, the world needs more of that. They make each other laugh, and it’s clear that they love each other to pieces (the world needs […]

Courtney + David wedding {by kate & mer}


So excited to share this one today! Ellen is a complicated woman (aren’t we all really?!) She manages corporate events for a living, so as you can imagine, she has pretty exquisite taste when it comes to decor and such. But when it came to their wedding photography, Ellen and Chris were not into details. […]

Ellen + Chris wedding {by liz}


So excited to blog this wedding! For a multitude of reasons really. First of all, we don’t travel to shoot very often and this wedding took place in beautiful downtown Kansas City just off of the Plaza. Second, my long time friend, business partner and fabulous photographer Kristie Cromie tagged along to shoot it with […]

Sam + Matt {by liz and kristie}