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L Photographie


If you stumble upon our blog very often, you will find that although we rarely reference wedding dates, the state of nature will give you a good idea of where we are in our wediting (my fun word for “wedding photo editing” which I accidentally created when it came out of my mouth a few […]

Becky + Brian wedding {by liz + guest photog kate}


This was a wedding of a few firsts for us! A) It was our first wedding out at Overlook Farms and the grounds and Avalon Hall are both lovely. B) It was our first wedding with FIREWORKS! Crazy fun right?! Turns out fireworks are not that easy to shoot AND get great shots of the […]

Katie + Aaron wedding {by liz & meredith}


This is another little fall/winter flashback that I can’t believe has taken me so long to share. Katie and Adam are getting married this coming November…just a few short months away! It’s always fun to work with friends. It’s so much easier to get natural reactions, smiles and interactions with that extra level of comfort. […]

Katie + Adam engagement {by liz}