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L Photographie


I am a strange mix of happy and sad as I write this post. The Singer women have been in my life for a long time! Deb and Sam were married in 2013 at the Muny. Still my only wedding ceremony and reception in that location to date! And then Ruth and Ari’s soiree at […]

Rebeccah + Lior wedding {by liz}


As I put this blog together, all I could think over and over was “This is what it looks like when you marry your best friend.” I have known Jamie as an acquaintance since college. She falls into the “friend of a friend” category and that friend that connects us is none other than my […]

Jamie + Tony wedding {by liz + guest photog Kate Hargis}


We are amid the joy of holiday season! And we work our butts off all the way up until Christmas day over here. We make sure we keep it merry along the way…our wine fireplace stash is dwindling! But it also means I get to keep bringing you gorgeous fun-filled days like Catherine and Trey’s […]

Catherine + Trey wedding {by liz}