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L Photographie


So much gorgeousness from this pretty blush wedding at Westwood Country Club! By steamy St. Louis standards, this summer has been downright pleasant! That being said, things heated up to something resembling the surface of Mars for a short bit and one of those days just so happened to be Stephanie and Michael’s wedding day. […]

Steph + Mike wedding {by liz & mer}


If you have made it here, then get ready to stay for awhile because it will be tough to click away from this gorgeousness. Below you will find the largest blog we have ever assembled (and we tried REALLY hard to whittle it down to a reasonable size!) But when you have three photographers shooting […]

Katie + Adam {by Liz, Kate and Meredith}


Sometimes I sit back and think to myself that I have the coolest job in the word. Ok, not everyday. There are lots of days I want to pull my hair out. And then there are the 110 degree days outside carrying 30 pounds of equipment for 5 hours that make me second guess not […]

Vanessa + Mark wedding {by liz}


So this may be the cutest engagement session ever. It took everything in my power to keep from posting like 50 photos on here. Wintery cuddle time paired with a vintage red tandem bike mixed with a paddle boat topped off with adorable pups. Words don’t do these two (or four!) justice.  Must look! So […]

Brandie + Fred engagement {by liz}