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L Photographie


Ahhhh…this is my first blog post since we launched our new website. Fingers crossed everything goes according to plan! But honestly, does anything ever go exactly according to plan? I’m a wedding photographer and I can for sure tell you the answer is NOPE! Sometimes they are tiny things, like the wind making the bride’s […]

Nikki + Mike wedding {by liz & mer}


Love, love, love this couple and this wedding! I’ve been trying to get this blog up for a good week now, but life and other urgent deadlines have been getting in my way. So I am thrilled to finally share this one with the world! Gorgeous and so fun from beginning to end. And of […]

Cori + Brian wedding {by liz}


Grace and Raymund were already very happily married, but Grace never had the big wedding and family party she wanted, so why not now?!  We started and finished the day at the Ritz Carlton St. Louis. everyone wants a photo of the bride! the handsome groom getting a little floral assistance so happy! superhero socks! […]

Grace +Raymund wedding {by kate}


Honestly one of the best things about what we do is that every wedding is different. Yes, it’s many of the same things on the same schedule…photograph the dress and the rings, put the bride in her dress, get the groom tying his tie, here comes the bride, vows, smiles down the aisle, family photos, […]

Ana + Matt wedding {by liz & meredith}


This was a really fun one for me to re-live! These two make me smile. They are just so darn NICE, have kind and close-knit families and lots of fun friends. All of which means that this day was filled with a multitude of sweet emotions and zero wedding day drama. Sometimes when I am […]

Maribeth + Todd wedding {by liz}