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L Photographie


Ok so quick truth. I 100% depend on Meredith to help me narrow down my images for blog posts. I usually give her like 200 – 250 favorites and she is SUPPOSED to be more judgemental to get it down to a reasonable number for me. Mer, I love you, but you failed on this […]

Julie + Nate wedding {by liz & mer}


If this event is a sign of what to expect this year in weddings, I am so excited to dig in! I mean, I don’t want it to rain every single wedding weekend, but if it is going to, as long as I have wonderful people like Kari and Ryan to work with I will […]

Kari + Ryan wedding {by liz}


Merry Christmas Eve, happy Hanukkah, Festivus and anything else you may be celebrating (or not celebrating) this holiday season! Whatever your beliefs, I hope that you are surrounded by warmth and love. Whether that is part of a large family gathering or at a Chinese restaurant with best friends. The end of the year always […]

Jess + Dillon {by liz + meredith}