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L Photographie


I have so been looking forward to sharing this one! I love that we were able to take advantage of this tiny little stream of sunlight that came out right before sunset. We have had so much snow and rain and gloominess that just seeing that warm, soft glow on my screen cheered me up […]

Jackie + Jared wedding {by liz & meredith}


Sarah and Jared are awesome. ¬†Their wedding reception was originally supposed to take place at the Old Courthouse downtown… but due to the Stockley verdict and all the protesting activity, the venue decided a mere 2 days prior to their big day that the venue would be closed, and they had to find a new […]

Sarah + Jared wedding {by kate}


I love people who embrace their “inner nerd.” That’s one of the many reasons I love my own husband. He subscribes to Scientific American (I think he only understands about 50% of it) and he loves it. I have a random minor in chemistry and actually think that solving math problems is fun. There is […]

KIM + MIKE {by liz}