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L Photographie


I remember meeting with Lauren and her mom for the first time.  I have a clear memory of feeling like a chatterbox and thinking that I needed to shut my mouth for a minute and allow one of them to get a word in edgewise. How else was I going to find out more about […]

Lauren + Matt {by liz and kristie}


I love people who embrace their “inner nerd.” That’s one of the many reasons I love my own husband. He subscribes to Scientific American (I think he only understands about 50% of it) and he loves it. I have a random minor in chemistry and actually think that solving math problems is fun. There is […]

KIM + MIKE {by liz}


I’m doing a little blog catching up over here! We were in such a whirlwind turing around photos for the holidays that I made myself a list of things that I needed to remember to blog once things slowed down to normal. So this is not the most recent event I have shot by any […]

Mary + John {by liz}


I had a GREAT time hanging with Keri and Chris on their wedding day! I think this was one of my “easiest” days this year with the least amount of running on my part. Everything happened on schedule and that probably has something to do with us/them scheduling enough time for everything (which is definitely […]

Keri + Chris {by liz}


Some people have that thing…that beautiful thing that makes light bounce around them creating an alternate universe filled with soft, glowing light. Kiley is one of those people. Her classic creamy skin and red hair with a shabby chic flair of style gave this small ceremony all of the personality it needed! This is simply […]

Kiley + Tim: Classic beauty {by liz}