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L Photographie


Oh where to start. I just took in a really deep breath and let it out slowly before starting to type. Deep breaths are how I combat the little panic ball that starts to build in my throat when I realize exactly how much I have on my plate. It is horribly true that misery […]

Busy is good…right?! {by all of us…narrated by liz}


I just felt like ooo la la-ing because Kate and I just came from a sexy, sultry boudoir shoot! AND these photos are quite sassy as well. SO much fun with these fun special portrait sessions. Holly’s “trash the dress” session (which I like to call Love the Dress…or just bridal portraits…no trashing involved) was […]

Ooo la la! {by liz & kristie}


I really love doing these! It’s fun to come up with different locations and scenarios that are a little bit out there but not so much that everyone is completely freaked out. I think these are liberating and maybe a little bit exhilarating for the bride. At least that’s how I feel about it. There […]

Trash (love) the dress madness! (by liz)