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L Photographie


If you stumble upon our blog very often, you will find that although we rarely reference wedding dates, the state of nature will give you a good idea of where we are in our wediting (my fun word for “wedding photo editing” which I accidentally created when it came out of my mouth a few […]

Becky + Brian wedding {by liz + guest photog kate}


Ally and Scotty were my first wedding on the books for 2016 so I had been looking forward to this big day for quite awhile! It’s always an extra special honor to work with special event industry peeps. Ally runs events at Busch Stadium (cool right? I’m sure someone out there is thinking dream job!) […]

Ally + Scotty wedding {by liz + guest photog Marsha}


Sarah and Nick are pretty much the best.  They are genuine and funny and sweet… you will be able to tell from the photos that they are a perfect pair.  They are both chefs… and let me tell you, I go into the Brasserie (where Nick works) on a regular basis and every time he sees […]

Sarah + Nick wedding {by kate & meredith}


Jen + Desh got married on what *may* have been the hottest saturday of this year… many an A/C break were taken and many (many) a snow cone & zoo slurpee were drunk, but everyone had fun AND I got to pet a teeny tiny little armadillo! (MUCH cuter than you would think) I love […]

Jen + Desh wedding {by kate}


The weather this spring has been TOUGH. Very few of our wedding days have been warm and sunny so far this year, but this one was certainly bright in more ways than one! Seemed like a good day to share it given the rain and dreariness going on out there today. Natalie and Mark were […]

Natalie + Mark wedding {by liz}


Adrienne and Paul had the distinction of having the very first wedding ever held at the Pageant. Pretty awesome…. the ceremony was on stage and the “pit” later became the dance floor…well, you’ll see. You will also see Paul’s affinity for the hitch kick!! We had a fun day tromping around the loop. the quite […]

ADRIENNE + PAUL {by kate}