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L Photographie


Shannon and Jeff are just plain fun to be around, and it makes me happy when those people find each other.  They found each other and reunited after many years on Facebook of all places… but hey… whatever works to find true love, am I right?!!!  Swoon worthy shoes kick off this post… the lovely […]

Shannon + Jeff wedding {by kate}


Laura & Alex almost never stop smiling and laughing the whole day…and that’s so awesome for me as a photographer because I don’t have to tell them over and over to smile at each other… they already are!  Despite the rain that came and went, they had a great time all day and that is […]

Laura + Alex wedding {by kate}


We may have squeezed a lot of stuff into a short period of time, but it was certainly worth it! After a few shots in Forest Park, we headed over to an awesome old red door on an abandoned church, then scurried downtown to play in the water at City Garden, hang our at a […]

Stephanie + Jeremy Engaged! {by liz}


It has been brought to my attention that every time I blog I apologize for not blogging and it has become a bit redundant. I’ve committed to some self improvement in 2010 and we’ll start here. This isn’t the first time I have been called out for over-apologizing in my lifetime. So that’s it! No […]

Kim and Steve {by liz}