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May 11, 2017

Shimmer sparkle glimmer glow : Ansley’s bat mitzvah {by meredith}

Today is a first for us here on the blog…our first bat mitzvah post! We added mitzvah photography to our repertoire recently and thus have this gorgeous event to share :) If you noticed the title, Ansley’s day was all about the shimmer and shine…in pink! We’ll get to all that a bit later though. First off the service at Kol Rinah.

Dad making sure the tallis is perfect!

Grandpa looking so proud :)

Ansley was a little nervous speaking, but did a wonderful job! So hard to remember to slow down when you’re speaking to a large room ;)

Ansley’s twin siblings also participated for the blessings, so cute :)

Congratulations, you’re done! Hard part over ;)

Time for the reception at Westwood Country Club – first the adult tables:

And the kids’ tables – loved the glitter letters and ruffly linens! The vinyl on mirrors has been a fun trend popping up over the last year or two, such a fun detail! “She leaves sparkle wherever she goes!”

Custom balloons with Ansley’s profile on them, so cool.

The dance area was amazing, all those twinkle lights from the ceiling!!

One more pretty flower detail…I’m a sucker for the florals ;)

Ansley seeing everything for the first time…love that reaction!

And then I pulled her outside for one more quick portrait as the sun was setting…gotta take advantage of the sunlight.

Guests were able to sign in and leave a special message on the tablet…digital guestbook!

There were so many fun things for all the kids to do….graffiti art:

Games with the DJ:

Face bedazzling (is that what you’d call this?! Ha not sure but I loved all the fun patterns of little jewels!)

The official welcome from Mom and Dad :)

They had a dance contest between the boys and girls…the girls had a great little routine…

And then the boys made a pyramid! I think the girls ended up being declared the winner, with a little nudge from judge Ansley ;)

Father-daughter dances are especially sweet at this age. Love.

Alright everybody get out there and dance!

Squeezing everyone in for a group photo was tough! You’re just loved by so many Ansley!

Slideshow time with some special words from Mom & Dad.

I love shooting the hora – there are always so many good faces!

Dad, Isabelle and Nelson all took a turn too.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous dessert table. As a major sweets lover, I took way too many photos of this!

Don’t forget the cotton candy station!

Favors to take home, gold glitter goo! Silly and shiny of course.

Fun socks for dancing and late night smoothies!

Ending the night with confetti and the kids really getting into the singing!

I loved capturing your day Ansley, mazel tov! – Meredith


Planner: Simcha’s Events

Service: Kol Rinah

Reception: Westwood Country Club

DJ/Band: Utopia

Decor: Exclusive Events

Florist: Thorn Studios

Linens: BBJ

Photobooth: Videocakes

Graffiti artist: Charles Jenkins


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