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L Photographie


Welp, strap in folks, this is going to be a long one… sorry/not sorry! LOL  It was a wild and wonderful weekend in Kirksville, MO coordinated by the one and only Simcha’s Events!  A wonderful team of vendors and a wonderful couple made for a pretty spectacular combo, and thus a pretty awesome blog post! […]

Melanie + Paul wedding {by kate & meredith}


Kate and Paul!  A big, beautiful cathedral, shiny shoes, a stunning lace veil, and laughter all day long… Kate got dressed & opened Paul’s gift in a secluded little nook at the church Mer was with the guys, and I believe that someone just got “iced”.. poor guy!   No mercy! a nervous exhale and […]

Kate + Paul wedding {by kate & meredith}


Welcome to the my final wedding blog from 2015! Gotta love going out on a high note! These two were so much fun. Quick summary of random stuff: Emily’s mom was smiling through happy tears all day long. Ryan’s mom participated in a pretty kick ass choreographed dance. The whole wedding party humored me by […]

Emily + Ryan wedding {by liz}


Ally and Doug make me smile.  I found myself smiling regularly at the computer screen while editing their photos.  They are both so kind and genuinely happy together which made them absolute joys to photograph.  I love people who are quick to smile.  It usually means that they come with a good-hearted nature.  And it’s […]

Ally + Doug {by liz}


They say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day… if that is true then Katie and Adam got enough luck showered down upon them to last a lifetime!  And hail… that has to mean extra good luck, right?!  Katie and Adam had the best possible attitude about the surprise storm and never […]

KATIE + ADAM {by kate}


Strap in folks, this is kind of a long blog… 1) because I adore the couple and 2) This is an Easter surprise blog and I just couldn’t cut any more images out!  You may remember Christine and Larry from the fun Mizzou engagement session a while back…adorable and full of tiger spirit!   They […]