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L Photographie


I barely believe this as it is coming out of my fingers, but this was my very first wedding at Meadowbrook Country Club! shot a really awesome baby shower there once for a wedding planner friend, but after all these years this is my first wedding. I don’t get to have very many first like […]

Lauren + Andy wedding {by liz}


Lots of late work nights mean that I am putting up TWO count ’em TWO wedding blogs in one week! I can’t say this will happen again any time soon. Big thanks to all of my couples still waiting for their photos out there. Your patience is appreciated more than you know! I promise we […]

Elizabeth + David wedding {by liz}


Libby and Glenn got married on a gorgeous early Spring day and I was there.  I photographed it… how cool is that?!  I am continually humbled and grateful that people choose us to capture such a monumental occasion in their lives.  Sorry, I’m having a rare sappy moment…stick with me here, I promise it will […]

Libby + Glenn wedding {by kate}


This blog, like my last few, and my next few, are  late in coming… sometimes life throws you some unavoidable curve balls and those curve balls can do things like knock you off your bicycle, or break your 8 year old’s arm etc… I want to give a shout out to all of my clients […]

ERIN + JOHN {by kate}