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L Photographie


This group was just downright fun! Mer and I were discussing the guys and their morning of Macarena followed by an afternoon of literally skipping around the Missouri Botanical Garden. It is just so fun to be around happy wedding day people! So much time and energy is spent talking about the hyping the drama […]

Katie + Kyle wedding {by liz & meredith}


Emily and Ryan are a fun couple, full of laughs, who share with me a mutual love of comfortable¬†footwear at weddings! wedding VANS!!! YES! a little pre wedding snack to keep energy up LOL Hi Ryan! You will see this bottle-cam later at the reception causing lots of mischief! A first look at the gardens […]

Emily + Ryan wedding {by kate}


Sometimes the TOUGHEST part of our job is narrowing down the images we shoot on a wedding day to a remotely reasonable number. Lara and Ryan – you two made it harder on me than you can imagine! When a couple smiles and laughs as much as these two, it’s SO HARD to remove photos […]

Lara + Ryan wedding {by liz + kelly}


So this was a little tough to narrow down. We were all just talking in the studio about how we seem to suck at that lately! I mean, I know my clients don’t need 5 photos of their rings, but they are really pretty rings. I also know they won’t do anything with that series […]

Jen + Brad wedding {by liz and meredith}


WARNING: Ramblings ahead. Some people are just lucky no matter how you look at it. But for others, it’s more about the outlook than it is actual luck. Let’s take Andrea and Tim here for example. For most couples who have planned a beautiful Missouri Botanical Garden wedding, RAIN is the worst possible thing that […]

Andrea + Tim wedding {by liz}


Here’s a little sunny, happy love for you all as you prepare to leave work for a long and fun 4th of July weekend! Amrita and John were married in May at the Japanese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Love these two together. Amrita is quick to laugh and smile and being around John […]

Amrita + John wedding {by liz}