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L Photographie


So, I pretty  much love everything about Katie and Tony’s wedding… nice people, beautifully styled stationery & flowers by some of my favorite vendors, great venues, awesome coordinator… who can ask for more?!?  Enough chatting… on with the shininess! classic & GORGEOUS rings stationery by the one and only M Haley Design mama love  <3 […]

Katie + Tony wedding {by kate}


Rarely does everything go perfectly on a wedding day. Usually it’s all about taking a deep breath, letting go and rolling with the punches. That being said, I don’t think I can come up with one thing on Heather and Dave’s wedding day that DIDN’T go just as planned! Except for the fact that my […]

Heather + Dave {by liz}


Kate and I shot Sarah and Tim’s wedding back on a chilly day in March this year. It was beautifully planned with irish greens all the way down to Sarah’s green wellies (that Tim ADORES, or um, hates. Fine line. I adore them though!) And the ladies at The Knot liked it as much as […]

The Knot Real Wedding of Sarah and Tim {by liz}


My first big Greek wedding! So about 6 years ago (gosh – I’m losing count for sure!) my very best friend married another one of my friends who just so happens to be Greek. So although I have never shot one, I have been IN one and let me tell you…it is one crazy and […]

Christina + Michael {by liz}


What an amazing Saturday here in St. Louis! Reminds me of another beautiful day…Carly and Frank’s wedding! We have had the most amazing weather this fall. I realize the lack-o-rain meant that the fall colors weren’t as vibrant, however, compared to last October (in which I’m pretty sure we complained about the color not being […]

Carly + Frank {by liz}


I’m turning over a leaf to be better blogger.  Kristie is kicking my butt this year.  Maybe I’ll be able to make up some ground when she goes on maternity leave!  For those of you not aware, Kristie is due in early May with her first little guy!  We’re going to go out and take […]

Sarah + Tim {by liz}