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L Photographie


Over the last eight years, I have found that about half of the time I don’t get to meet the groom before the wedding day. As a general rule, the bulk of the planning is left to the bride. Sometimes I meet moms, sisters, best friends and about half of the time I meet the […]

Becky + Jared {by liz and kate}


It is spring and love (and rain) is in the air! Jessica (an executive chef for the St. Louis Cardinals) and Jeff (an artist & ice sculptor) are a laugh a minute, super fun couple and we had a great evening romping around, climbing trees, tiptoeing into rotted out crumbling buildings and climbing on old […]



The perfect end to a wonderful year. Most of you out there are scurrying around so you can relax and enjoy time with family and friends over the next few days. My evening is going to be spent playing Betty Crocker in the kitchen! Without nearly as much success as Betty, but I will give […]

Mandy + Adam {by liz}


My first big Greek wedding! So about 6 years ago (gosh – I’m losing count for sure!) my very best friend married another one of my friends who just so happens to be Greek. So although I have never shot one, I have been IN one and let me tell you…it is one crazy and […]

Christina + Michael {by liz}


Liz’s unite! #1 Liz: The Bride. #2 Liz: The church coordinator. #3 Liz: little old me. And then the fabulous Shelli Alred of Alred Wedding Consultants who at least has two of the three letters in her name so that has to count for something. (PS – I think we could get you some serious […]

Liz + Lucas {by liz}


I’m turning over a leaf to be better blogger.  Kristie is kicking my butt this year.  Maybe I’ll be able to make up some ground when she goes on maternity leave!  For those of you not aware, Kristie is due in early May with her first little guy!  We’re going to go out and take […]

Sarah + Tim {by liz}