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L Photographie


My fellow industry friend Kristen from the Four Seasons St. Louis described Laura and Jacob perfectly…”The sweetest couple there ever was!” Simcha thank you so much for bringing these two into my life! The pure joy and love present throughout this day was palpable. And the surprise snow?! The perfect cherry on top for an […]

Laura + Jacob wedding {by liz & meredith}


If this event is a sign of what to expect this year in weddings, I am so excited to dig in! I mean, I don’t want it to rain every single wedding weekend, but if it is going to, as long as I have wonderful people like Kari and Ryan to work with I will […]

Kari + Ryan wedding {by liz}


We are not all rock stars in front of the camera. I know I’m not supposed to say that, but you know it’s true! I practiced my “fake” smile A LOT as a pre-teen and teenager and tried so hard to make it look real and natural. It took tons of practice! So when you […]

Ashley + Dan wedding {by liz}


You know how some people you meet and just instantly click with? Like you can see yourself hanging out with them at a backyard BBQ having a beer? That’s these two! Their dog Gus even got me my very own locket. Wasn’t that thoughtful of him?! Meredith and I had a great time with Talisha […]

Talisha + Lee wedding {by liz & mer}


I know that we need rain to make everything grow, but come on Mother Nature! Collectively, the St. Louis wedding photog community would like to ask for a little break from the dreary daily downpours! (I’m quite proud of that alliteration if you must know. I’m a nerd.) That being said, we will take what […]

Megan + Steven wedding {by liz}


** Fall Flashback Alert!!  **  Kelly and Dave are up today!  These two are a fun loving couple, and had me cracking up all day… I love working with couples who appreciate my slightly demented sense of humor and play along!  But I digress… first things first, I love these blue Badgley Mischka shoes and […]

Kelly + Dave wedding {by kate}