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L Photographie


Well this is an extra special one. After all, it’s not every day that the baby sister of one of your favorite people gets married to the love of her life. You may notice that the title of this wedding blog only has a {by liz} and not a {by liz + mer}. Well that’s […]

Emily + Nick wedding {by liz}


Rachel and Matt are such a fun-loving, easy-going couple and their wedding represented them perfectly! Rachel got ready with her ladies at home in Old Town Florissant while Matt and the guys were just a few streets away hanging out with Meredith. After a few pre-wedding photos around town we were off to the gorgeous […]

Rachel + Matt wedding {by liz & meredith}


Before I began typing, I glanced through all of the photos I inserted into this blog post and found myself sitting here with a little evil smirk on my face. I can’t explain it…there’s nothing embarrassing in here. It’s just so them. Which makes me feel like I did my job ok that day, and […]

Amber + Dru wedding {by liz}


Jen & Jeff had a fun and colorful wedding day… the girls began at the Moonrise in the Loop while Jeff and the boys relaxed at home.  We’ll start with the ladies! I love seeing things that capture the date. jen (and buddy ebsen x 2) jen on blue. and the boys… I am going […]

Jen + Jeff wedding {by kate & meredith}


Here’s a little sunny, happy love for you all as you prepare to leave work for a long and fun 4th of July weekend! Amrita and John were married in May at the Japanese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Love these two together. Amrita is quick to laugh and smile and being around John […]

Amrita + John wedding {by liz}


This is absolutely 100% my busiest and most stressful time of year. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had a weekend off! And without “catchup weeks” in there, I start to fall a wee bit behind on my editing and turn around time. It’s much easier to keep up in February! The good thing about […]

Kate + Patrick {by liz}