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L Photographie


Oh Claire and Stewart… looking through your wedding photos makes me smile.  I hope it makes you smile too.  These few images at the start of this blog were taken before the rehearsal dinner just a night or two pre-wedding! aaaaand wedding day… I dropped Meredith off at Stewart’s house to capture the guys… there […]

Claire + Stewart wedding {by kate & meredith}


Ally and Doug make me smile.  I found myself smiling regularly at the computer screen while editing their photos.  They are both so kind and genuinely happy together which made them absolute joys to photograph.  I love people who are quick to smile.  It usually means that they come with a good-hearted nature.  And it’s […]

Ally + Doug {by liz}


I am so behind on blogging it is bordering on hilarious… so flash back to December with me to the wedding of Meredith and John.  Its winter.  The air is crisp and it is totally appropriate to wear a fur coat… because it’s cold.  And there are Christmas decorations about… because it’s Christmastime.  Okay– now […]

MEREDITH + JOHN {by kate}


Anne-Marie and César got married in Springtime in St. Louis and lucked into one of those rare non-rainy, non-sticky, breezy lovely days, and although we didn’t get to spend much time outside, the kids in the wedding party made the most of it (as you will see)! We began our day at the Hyatt at […]

Anne-Marie + César {by kate}


I think I’ve said before that it is always fun to shoot events that involve family and friends. It is a rare occasion for me but always a special treat. I have the opportunity of seeing people I know out of their usual element. Since I’m familiar with some of the personalities, It’s easier to […]

Niki + Ronnie {by liz}


I don’t get to use the other side of my brain all that often in this job. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing (I’m definitely not complaining!) but the other, more structured, logical side is always trying to find reasons to come out and play. A select few of you may know that […]

The other side of my brain {by liz}