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L Photographie


Have I mentioned how much I LOVE winter weddings?! They are generally few and far between in St. Louis. Which I honestly find surprising (even though I’m kind of a winter person so I may have slight bias). See, the way I figure it you are either a winter or a summer person. Meaning given […]

Stephanie + Alex wedding {by liz & meredith}


Sometimes people are so happy on their wedding days that you can tell 100% that they belong together… this was one of those days. Kelsey and Alan both laugh a lot and make each other laugh too, which is wonderful for me as a photographer :D  We began our day with the ladies at the […]

Kelsey + Alan wedding {by kate & meredith}


There is one thing you can be sure about when it comes to life. It’s complete unpredictability. Yes, there are things we can control and decisions we can make, but some of the most important things we have little to no say over. Two of the big ones: when we die, and when we fall […]

Beth + Sandy wedding {by liz & meredith}


Over the last eight years, I have found that about half of the time I don’t get to meet the groom before the wedding day. As a general rule, the bulk of the planning is left to the bride. Sometimes I meet moms, sisters, best friends and about half of the time I meet the […]

Becky + Jared {by liz and kate}


The perfect end to a wonderful year. Most of you out there are scurrying around so you can relax and enjoy time with family and friends over the next few days. My evening is going to be spent playing Betty Crocker in the kitchen! Without nearly as much success as Betty, but I will give […]

Mandy + Adam {by liz}