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Meet baby John. A teeny bundle of 6lbs 6oz, born October 15 to some very excited parents. And although his Dad threatened to be in a bar across the street during delivery, I’m happy to know he stayed for the whole birth ; ) Here is baby John at 8 days old… John’s cute little […]

Baby John Ryn {by kristie}


Oh where to start. I just took in a really deep breath and let it out slowly before starting to type. Deep breaths are how I combat the little panic ball that starts to build in my throat when I realize exactly how much I have on my plate. It is horribly true that misery […]

Busy is good…right?! {by all of us…narrated by liz}


Another sweet bundle of baby to share! Meet Elliott Gregory. Born July 28, weighing in at 7lbs and 8oz. Here is Elliott on day 10 … Wrapped in a scarf knit by his Mommy. And laying on a soft blanket also knit by his Mommy. (sidenote: I wish I could knit. Some day, far, far […]

baby Elliott {by kristie}


Finally, baby Hannah … I’ve been dying to share a peek with her family. I meant to blog the belly session before Hannah arrived, but she surprised us all by showing up 4 weeks early! I’m sure glad we got the maternity session in before she made her debut. For the belly session we hit […]

Baby Hannah … in and out of belly {by kristie}


Finally a share for baby Raph. A 10lb bundle of snuggly cuteness, that arrived to some of my favorite people, Brandon and Lisa. I’m honored I got the chance to photograph him at 8 days old. Take a peek… One day he won’t believe he fit in their coffee table bowl. Since his Mother is […]

Baby Raph {by kristie}

newborn in bowl photographer


First up from my newborn marathon last weekend, little Mariella. She is so tiny, so precious, and so loved. I use to work with her awesome Momma back in my graphic design days. I’m so happy I got to photograph the new family of four : ) And shameless plug… She started a custom invitation/print […]

Baby Mariella {by kristie}


These parents have their hands full. Hands full of cute little girls, with the cutest little curls. (I really didn’t mean that to be cheesy when I started writing. It’s just the truth). Big sis… Middle sis… Little sis… (And those blue eyes. Oh my. Honest, I did not enhance that color in Photoshop!) Entertaining […]

Sugarman Family {by kristie}


OK – I’ve got some blog catching up to do! Lots of Moms waiting on sneak peeks, so more from me over the next few days… First up are two little sweeties in the cutest little ruffle dresses. I’m pretty sure Mom said she got them at Ruffle Butts if you’re on the hunt for […]

Backsmeyer Family {by kristie}


This is going to be a long post for me. I just kept finding Harper-cuteness and funny little “blooper” photos that I wanted to share. And I’ve made Harper’s Mom wait a patiently long time for this peek. I’ve know Harper’s Mom since kindergarten. Her house was like my second home growing up – that […]

Harper is 1. {by kristie}